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TCI Village is managed and operated by a professionally trained and certified recovery specialist and clinicians. Our staff is dedicated to the treatment of all types of addiction, whether substance addiction or behavioral addiction.

TCI is equipped with the proper environment and facility to accommodate healing comfortably.

TCI understands the suffering addiction inflicts on the family, hence treatment embraces family education, dialogue, counseling, and reconciliation as part and package of the recovery. 

TCI journey started 5 years ago when we started looking for a site we could build our facility on, hence we have endeavored to be one of the best treatment facilities by recruiting competent staff, adapting evidenced-based healing practices, continually attending educational programs, and employing best management practices.

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In 2015, we thought about getting a facility built for persons with addictions and behavior issues. Having gone through rehabilitation ourselves, we felt we could also be of help to make the lives of those suffering from addiction be less of a struggle and attain sober lives through a process of recovery.

In the first quarter of 2016, we broke ground and started from the ground up to what is to be our rehabilitation facility called TOTAL CARE INSTITUTE, or TCI VILLAGE.

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