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Family Support

Though addiction is a very personal thing, it nevertheless profoundly affects those around the addict. For families of those suffering from addiction, there is a mixture of pity, shame, and guilt that accompanies seeing the effects of addiction. You wonder if you are to blame if you have facilitated it, and what others may think. Our family resources address these concerns and more.
At TCI Village, we are dedicated not only to providing lasting recovery services but also to helping families to cope with substance abuse treatment through supportive resources and a steadfast commitment to your privacy and personal needs. We have helped addicts of all ages and from varied backgrounds to regain control of their lives. We recognize the value of a strong family support system to buttress a future of sobriety, clean living, and stay sober.

As a premier treatment center, we have experience working with celebrities, executives, and other professionals as well as their family members. We recognize that professional success does not exclude someone from the pull of addiction. In fact, many of our affluent clients have extreme levels of stress in their daily lives.

Whether it is the constant oversight and expectations of professional teams or the expectations of peers or school administrators, everyone in your family faces a certain level of pressure. Sadly, even some of the most successful among us turn to alcohol and other substances as a means of escaping the stress. And before long, they find that their usage has turned into an addiction that may be overwhelming for the rest of their life.

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While some of those suffering from addiction may still be able to function in their professional capacity for a time, the level of personal anguish and struggle that accompanies addiction can spiral until their dependence completely controls them. Their most important relationships will be destroyed as well. At TCI Village, we intimately understand this process and the means of recovery as well as the critical need to help support family members through the healing process.

Family Visitation

Visitation is every Sunday from 12:00-4:00 PM. The gathering is welcoming and informal. Let us know about a birthday or special occasion and we will prepare something to help you celebrate.

Family Counseling

Family counseling is highly encouraged and usually arranged for about two weeks into your stay at TCI. We will work with your family’s schedule to make it as convenient as possible or even arrange a phone or skype session for family members who cannot travel to TCI.

"We believe that family and friends are important to your recovery"

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