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The people behind TCI are well trained and have the best interests of their patients at heart-the full recovery from substance abuse and their integration back into society or with their families eventually living productive and peaceful lives...

Joel Arcenas

This place help me to change my life. TCI teaches how to become a better person.

Kim Tan

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"I was addicted to alcohol,drugs. My life was unmanageable. Everyday I drink. Mainitin ulo ko during those times, dahil sa inet ng ulo ko. Nakasuhan ako ng r.a. 7610( child abuse). Siguro dahil sa unmanageable na Ang buhay ko and to avoid prison time, nag decide codeps ko na dalhin ako sa Rehab. At first galit ako sa codeps ko Kasi feeling ko Hindi ako dapat nasa rehab , Kasi feeling ko ok Ang buhay ko. In short in denial ako . Thankful ako sa TCI village Kasi during my time in the facility, I learned the value of family, I realized that I have a problem with addiction and help me decide to make a change. Now I am sober for 2 yrs and to stay sober for the rest of my life."

Mon Cudiamat

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