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TCI Village Founders

TCI stands for the surnames of its founders — Jun Tan, Joel Chavez and Joey Ibañez.  The facility opened in November 2016, although the plan to build was hatched as early as October 2015


"Don't get tired of doing good even if it hurts."

I'm dedicated to helping people recover through their addiction, I have 15 years of experience doing that. It is easier for me to relate what others in addiction are going through having undergone it myself.

Today, as co-founder and facility director of TCI Village, I am fulfilled to be instrumental in making others kick out their bad habits and behavioral issues. As they say, every failed experiment is one step closer to success, recovery works the same way too. you just need to decide.


"The first duty of love is to listen."

I used to be hardheaded, seldom listened to what my family suggests, always having my way all the time.
My years of recovery changed all that, I'm now more accepting, I respect what my wife tells me, I am open to what my only daughter shares. As a successful businessman, it is not easy to bow down to your family, but now I'm happy with myself, and I guess my family is too.
I struggled before, change is difficult for me to do.
I learned the hard way, I found that only real experience is the truest source of change.


"Do the right thing. Every time."

Life never stops teaching, so I never stop learning.
I am blessed with a successful recovery after failing twice during my 10 years of substance addiction.
Indeed treatment works, it is possible to regain the dignity you lose. Now, I'm back running my businesses profitably, with a family that believes in the father in me.
Having gone through addiction struggles myself, l learned that it is not shameful to ask for help, to surround myself with recovering people.


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