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A strong faith is vital to one’s recovery, said Joey Ibañez, co-founder of TCI Village – a rehabilitation facility in Amadeo, Cavite. It is described as a “Healing place for persons with addiction and behavioral issue.”

Ibañez and TCI program head/certified recovery specialist Duane Patrick Tan have both survive the harrowing disease of drug abuse and recovered from it thorough total surrender to spiritual faith. It’s an experience that has inspired them to share their time and knowledge to TCI’s patients who are referred to as residents.

What was your spiritual life like as a kid in the family, and later as head of your own family?

“As a kid my family never went to church. The bishop in our places wanted my father dead. He was a doctor who performed mass tubal ligation and vasectomy, a government program the church was totally against. I learned to understand Christianity because I attended school run by Jesuits. To me it was just a requisite thing to move up.” Joey Ibañez (JI)
“As a child, religion was forced upon us. I was forced to pray the rosary without learning to appreciate it. We went to Sunday Mass without understanding its purpose.” Duane Tan (DT)

What role did spirituality play when you were still undergoing rehab?

JI: A Strong faith is vital to recovery. You have to believe to break the habit. In rehab there is nothing you can embrace but God. At first I found it useful, in the end it became my refuge. My faith allowed me to set intangible cornerstones of sobriety. I glued my motivation and focus to heal together. Today my faith binds me to Christian principles which are in a sense, guidelines to go good.

DT: In rehab, my favorite saying is, “Let go, Let God.” I learned to developed my faith trusting God that he would take care of my fears and worries.

Describe the spiritual component of the TCI rehab program.

JI: TCI is big on behavioral modification. It brings change by highlighting the residents’ relationship with a higher power- with evidence on greater treatment success on residents truly attuned with God. When one accepts what life brings through God, there is less tension and pain to resolve.

DT: The Program includes Bible studies conducted every Friday, while Mass is held every Saturday.

What are your observations on the spiritual development of TCI residents?

JI: Residents are strengthened by the spiritual program of TCI. Majority of them find inner peace with the Christian teaching. This contributes to the wellbeing of the residents. Negative issues are easily addressed before they assimilate back to society.

What’s your favorite Biblical passage and why?

John 8:7

Anyone’s flaw is never anybody’s business. Joey Ibanez
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